Trucking for Profit Academy

Trucking for Profit Academy is a private online community of growth-minded people who are looking to learn, start, grow and build their own trucking and dispatching company.

Members get access to bi-monthly LIVE Zoom events, valuable startup and growth resources, self guided training materials and coaching and support from someone actively in the industry.

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Skip the Guesswork – We'll Guide You to Proficiency in Starting a Trucking and Dispatching Company Fast

With LIVE coaching and training combined, my streamlined approach will fast-track you to success in rapid time. You won't have to wait 6, 9 or 12-months to see results. I can get you operational and earning within 30-45 days.

Bi-Weekly LIVE Zoom Events

Every other week, we'll host live virtual workshops, Q&As, classes and more to help you quickly get started in the trucking and dispatching business.

Load Board Tutorials & Videos

Watch and learn from videos I post of loads I choose and book for maximum profit. You'll see me book loads and I'll explain what I'm doing so you can understand and don't short change yourself by losing on loads you book.

Start-up Resources

I'll provide you with recommended vendors and service providers so you get connected right away. You'll get access to recommended insurers as well as guidances on how to setup your own corporation/LLC.

On-Demand Training

Achieve your dream business in 90 days; our streamlined
approach fast-tracks your rise to trucking entrepreneur.


Inside the training portal, you'll get to ask me questions directly. Any problems you have, you can post in the #AskLondon area and get my direct assistance. This alone is worth the membership. I wish I had someone I could reach out to when I got stuck. 

Lifetime Membership

For a limited time, during the initial launch of our Academy, you get lifetime access to our training. Future students will pay an monthly/annual fee for access. But when you join today, you're locked in as a lifetime member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about trucking and dispatching? Ask me... 

These are commonly asked questions from others about getting started in the trucking and dispatching business. If you have additional questions, shoot me an e-mail:

Trucking for Profit Coach
is it truly possible to start a business in trucking without any experience?

Absolutely; our program is designed to transform beginners into successful trucking entrepreneurs. It takes about 90-days to complete if you are dedicated to putting in the time and effort. I never drove a truck prior to starting ... I now have drivers on my team.

i don't own a truck and can't afford to outright buy one. can i still do this?

Definitely! Our strategies reveal how to prosper in trucking, even without owning a truck. With our hack, you can lease a truck (even if your credit is bad) and get started right away. I’ll show you the ropes.

are there real opportunities for growth in this industry?

Trucking is a booming industry with vast opportunities for growth and profitability. Projections for the next few years are astronomical. Get in now and build a foundation for growth.

can operating from home really be profitable in trucking?

Absolutely, our dispatch training empowers you to build a profitable home-based business in trucking.


Zoom With Me Every Other Week

Every other week, I dedicate time with our students to answer and assist with any questions or help they need... Got questions about a contract? Need help with paperwork? This is your time and we can discuss any topic that'll get you winning and earning!


Which of these 2 options suits you best?




*Get 6-month access to LIVE bi-monthly zooms every other week.

  • Full training as discussed above
  • Bi-Monthly Zooms
  • Lifetime access to training portal

'She's very knowledgeable in this space...'

London was very instrumental in helping me get started. She laid out a simple blueprint for me to follow and she was present to assist as I came across a few road bumps. She's very knowledgeable in this space and is passionate about seeing you successful. She's the real deal.

Wiliam Woods

'London's guidance was crucial in my success...'

What can I say? Women in trucking? I can't believe I'm in the the business. London's guidance was crucial in my success. I couldn't have done it without her. If you're thinking about getting started, save yourself the time and headache by learning direct from someone in the industry.

Tricia Jackson


INCOME DISCLAIMER: Learning how to start and build a trucking and dispatching business takes time, hard work and dedication. This isn't a get-rich-fast biz, and you can lose money starting. While people earn a full-time income doing this as a business, it does come with risks. If you're looking for an easy way to make money, this ain't it. Do your research and be certain you have the time to dedicate to this venture.


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